Dan Barracuda creates a myriad of eclectic projects including rock bands, a silent film/live

music ensemble, an electronic duo (People Can Fly), tribute bands (Ian & Dan), and an original theatrical rock

production about dreams (The Pillow Men). Developing a love for  music at a young age, Dan spent the

majority of his time writing over three-thousand musical riffs, ideas, and samples with his guitar, piano, and

voice. Composing songs is his calling.


"Rooster Illusion" is Dan Barracuda's sophomore effort. The album is an important step in his sonic journey,

incorporating field recordings, progressive and experimental elements, and lyrical themes of identity, growth,

pain, nature, and death. Consisting of only 7 tracks, "Rooster Illusion" is a hauntingly powerful, jarring, and

cinematic journey of dynamics, ambience, textures, and deep philosophical expression. He has already begun

mapping out the next album and expects to start recording in late Spring 2018.  


“Soliloquy” is Dan Barracuda’s debut as a solo artist. These songs were conceived, tracked, and stitched

together throughout the past 8 years. As a musical artist, Dan strives to make each piece different so that it

lives in its own conceptual world, situated with its own unique colors, textures, and words that altogether

bring the music to life. The same is true for the songs found in “Soliloquy”; it is completely self-produced,

recorded, and mixed in his home (with the exception of the drums). It explores reflection, ambition, retreat,

optimism, and the constant pressure on the nerves to capture a moment of inspiration. As a debut, it

represents Dan’s first foray into sharing the thoughts and sounds in his head out there into the world.